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Pahari Albums

Album/Artist View
Meri Jhuriye
By -By:Deepak Chauhan
Drama Queen - Kudi Kaint Jeyi
By -By:Deepak Chauhan
Shimle Ghumna Chal Chaliye
By -By:Dr Vijesh Pandey
Theog Ri Bamniye - Traditional Dj Punch
By -By:Amit Shandil
Nati Damdar
By -By:Manoj Dogra
Chaska Nati Ka DJ Nonstop 2021
By -By:Ritik Justa
Ulfat 2021
By -By:Kaku Kanwar
Jhumke Jhumke 2
By -By:Vicky Chauhan
Nati Unforgettable - End of 2020
By -By:Pratap Bhardwaj
Shunki Dhamaka
By -By:Remixing Mohit RM
Dj Special Harul
By -By:Anshul Nautiyal
Birshi Return
By -By:Prabhat Mashta
Harul Nonstop 2020
By -By:Sanjeev Sharma
Jhoom Jhoom Ke
By -By:Ramesh Katoch
Wah Bhai Wah
By -By:D R Bansal
Tahalka 2020
By -By:Anil Sharma
FIR NonStop
By -By:Yash Chauhan
Dilo Ri Raniye Prabhat Mashta
By -By:Prabhat Mashta
Dilwaliye Special 2020
By -By:CL Verma
Agan 2020
By -By:Lata Sharma